Hiya! My name is Lisvette and I am tumblr user drouned. I am a plant enthusiast that happens to make themes for people. I hope you guys enjoy my themes and keep credit!
Themes by drouned
· Do NOT take off any of the credit without asking me (drouned)
· Do NOT steal any of the coding from any of the themes, ask me if you would like a code!
· You can edit the themes for your use!
· I do not make customs as of now.
· I wont edit a theme for you.
· I will not show you how to take off the install button
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hello! I just got a new laptop so I posted a theme and working on improving this blogs theme since apparently it got messed up??

Theme 12 - Wounded { preview will come soon+ code }
This theme is a simple theme but is really cool so here is what it has
a sidebar with cute title layout
three custom links that are on the left side of the screen
tooltips (link hover messages)
infinite scroll
comes in one column 
- this theme only comes in one column, please do not ask me to make it two or three columns 
G R A P H I C // theme 11 by drouned
This theme includes:
Only comes in One Column
A description that can go really long, best short though.
four custom links 
Infinite scroll of course!
And the possibility of anther version of it
preview - code
I would like to thank injurie for a big inspiration on this theme so go check him out he also makes incredible themes!
Purity Ring // theme 10
This theme includes:
A right hand sidebar that only contains title, description, and links
A jQuery effect - click on title for links to appear and disappear
4 custom links
A batch of flowers behind the sidebar
          - To find flowers (or anything else) go here: transparent blogs
          - Flowers 1 // Flowers 2 // Flowers 3
Comes in 3 columns, has an option of 2 columns
preview // code
Love Club // theme 9
This theme includes:
Sidebar that only contains description, title, and links
Comes in 2 columns
4 custom links
A graphic on the side, to find graphics you can go here
Decoration bars on theme
preview // code 
Mirabilis // theme 8
This theme includes:
Comes in 2 columns
4 custom circular links
preview // code 
Golden // theme 7: preview // code 

 This theme includes  :

Optional sidebar color
infinite scroll
Only comes in 2 column (sorry if you want it in 3)
Small white Cursor
Cute permalinks!
Theme 6 - Clematis : preview // code

This theme includes:

Four custom links
Sidebar image
Infinite scroll
An option of 2 column
Cool permas
Theme 5; preview // 2 column preview // code

What does this theme have:

4 customizable links 
Your own sidebar image
A desc. that goes as long as you want
Link’s have a tooltip (when you hover over link box comes out!)
A title ofc
1 column , infinite scroll, post shadows, cool permas
The option of 2 col.
Simple but cute fonts! :~)
Theme 4 overjoyed; preview // code
This theme was made by drouned (or postlimitwbu) // credits :
theme idea // mistfuls
ask layout // acousticized
Sidebar // makeupmandy24 

This theme includes:
Five custom links
Custom Sidebar
Infinite Scroll
Desc. that goes as long as you want! (I prefer five lines) 
Cool link hovers! (hover over link one to see tooltip)